The only marriage and ADHD coaches in the world to promise you a happy passionate marriage, keep the family together, and learn emotional skills you can use for life… Or we’ll work with you until you do.

Our diverse and comprehensive backgrounds are what sets us apart and provides a solid foundation in all that we do. Over the last 24 years, we have worked with more than 5,700 people (2,643 couples) from 87 nationalities in a variety of areas from troubled marriages, adult ADD and infidelity to coaching leaders in emotional intelligence. Because of this we are able to guide our members towards growth in their marriage or professional career from a place of practical, real life experience – and get them BIG results.

Explore our marriage journey and discover how our experience can help you. See how we turned Marriagology into a comprehensive platform to fix your troubled marriage.


The Early Years

Karen and Mike Gosling are partners in life AND in business. We quickly learned early on in our relationship that we needed to learn to communicate effectively, resolve resentments that arose, and give and receive love to each other according to our needs – our respective ‘love languages’. Without these three ‘basics’ we were headed for separation and a likely divorce!

That became crystal clear when we travelled together for 18 months in 1984 after 7 years of marriage. We visited 34 countries, going from Australia to London experiencing Fiji, Singapore, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and driving around England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Holland in our Kombi Van – with confined spaces in winter!

We just had to make things work to keep the peace and enjoy ourselves along the way. So we set out to make our relationship work.

Although we had been married for 7 years already, it was only on this world trip that we really got to know each other and worked out a plan for our future. One summers day in Munich we had a terrible argument – Mike went one way and Karen the other.

That was it; we were calling it quits… You know, the 7-year itch! After an hour or so we found each other again and resolved our differences – Mike needed Karen for her knowledge of the German language and Karen needed Mike to drive the Kombi Van!

So the dream of the ideal relationship had been replaced… we needed to make our relationship work and even now, after being together for 42 years, we continue to work on our relationship each day to fulfil our dreams and lifestyle we want for ourselves. We do this to be better placed to enjoy our two sons and their partners, Mike’s three daughters from his earlier marriage and their partners, our amazing grandchildren, and making more memories through world travel experiences.

early years



Moving To Singapore

In 1997 we moved to live and work in Singapore for 12 years, where Karen established a very successful relationship counselling practice, helping clients deal with relocation and relationship issues, anger and anxiety, infidelity and Adult ADHD.

Mike taught finance and business skills in a polytechnic before joining Karen in 1999 in our now established practice, Gosling International. He transitioned to an executive coach teaching successful business leaders how to change one behavior to get from where they are to where they want to be. 

We were both now doing what we were passionate about – mentoring others in making their relationships successful!

Our years living in Singapore was the inspiration we needed to find a way to earn a living while still owning our lives and possessing the control to live our lives as we saw fit. We loved being business owners spending each day in the company of others searching for answers to life issues. Our Singapore experience clarified our needs and wants about how we choose to work in our own relationship, and with the help of many clients, formed the first steps towards us systematizing all our learning and training to coach and mentor others.


Return To Australia

After our groundbreaking brainstorming sessions all over the world, many in our cosy Kombi Van, others on the top of the world in the Annapurnas overlooking Mount Everest, and others still during our 12 years in Singapore, we came back to Australia refreshed and determined to assemble our trainings in an online format.

We turned our passions and experiences into unique online training to help people push past the negativity and find success in their relationships. We believe that you must constantly be improving your skills, so we’ve made it a focus to grow our skills in the area of creating online trainings in order to create our Marriagology community.

We see now, years in the future, that this decision was the first step towards our #makeyourmarriagework lifestyle and goals — and the sweet smell of success. Although we didn’t know it at the time, it was one of our first lessons in Marriagology.

Karen Gosling

Karen is a pioneer in the fields of personal development, human wellness and marriage, relationship, trauma and ADHD counselling. She is passionate about counselling where you can discover the secrets to being in control of your emotions and instantly restore peace and calm in your life and relationships. Through discussion you can often then alter distorted thinking and make decisions about what you can do to affect the way you feel. Talking things through usually makes it clearer about what you want to do with your issue – The Art of Relationship.

Karen was born in Adelaide, South Australia. In her earlier years, she was drawn to touch people’s lives when they need some emotional support and compassion. She graduated as a mental health social worker and later completed a Master of Health degree.

That foundation in the study of psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy and human behavior has served her incredibly well over the years, giving her not only the insight she needed to understand her clients’ deepest needs, wants, and desires in order to make their relationship work, but also the foundation to create world-class trainings and help other people succeed in life.

Author of 5 influential books on relationship advice, Karen also provides a corporate EAP counseling service for CEOs, senior level executives, and staff in organizations.

As an expert experienced professional relationship counsellor, Karen helps others succeed in their relationships. She found a way to put her passions to work in her business.

“Thank you Karen for yesterday’s session. I get a bit fragile after we speak, but once I process it I feel a touch more in control each time. I really appreciate the fact that you know so much about the physical/chemical side of emotions. I have never met a “counsellor” before who does. Looking forward to reading “my boy” to sleep each night with your book!!!! I will be in touch again soon …. I don’t regard you as a “counsellor” …. More an educator and a friend. Love G”

Dr Mike Gosling

Formerly a business executive and certified practising accountant, in early 1997 Mike recognized the growing emergence of emotional intelligence as a powerful force that guaranteed leadership and business success. He is passionate about emotional intelligence as a set of abilities concerned with processing emotions and emotional information within oneself and others.

In 1999 Mike established his own consulting business in Singapore, Gosling International, with a primary focus on the application of knowledge needed to recognize, use, understand, and manage emotions in ourselves and in others to transform leaders’ behavior in organisations around the world. His coaching practice is now based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Mike created The Emotional Leader System in 2002 to coach and mentor leaders to achieve their goals by developing and applying their emotional intelligence in their work place relationships.

Born in Suva, Fiji, Mike previously worked in shipping, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, hospitality, public accounting, and academia. He has run his own businesses in Fiji, Australia and Singapore.

Mike majored in accounting and entrepreneurship before completing his MBA and Ph.D. in Management. His doctoral thesis examined the emotional intelligence of managers in Singapore.

He is author of two books and is certified in the USA as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. Together with Karen, he assists members of the Marriagology Community and trains executives and senior management in developing and applying their emotional intelligence in 2-day live seminars and 6 – 12 month executive coaching engagements.

Business Partners

Karen and Mike have operated their own cognitive-behavioral counselling and executive coaching practice, Gosling International, worldwide since July 1999 for 10 years in Singapore and on the Gold Coast, Australia since 2009. All our work is centered on science-based emotional intelligence constructs and cognitive-behavioral insights and we always incorporate the voice of lived experience received from our clients. We aim to significantly empower all people to live the most mentally and emotionally healthy successful life possible.

Following the traditional route in human services, face-to-face interviews was working exceptionally well for us in Singapore, where we were regarded as the premier counseling practice to expatriates and locals, but we needed to reach more people so they could benefit from our trainings.

Then in November 2006, Mike stumbled upon the World Internet Summit held in Singapore. That’s when we had our biggest ‘AHAH’ or ‘lightbulb’ moment. We realized that more than anything, we were being called to help people online to build successful relationships so that they too could taste the sweet success that we have worked so hard to achieve in our own relationship and in the lives of the growing number of couples we were mentoring.

That event changed our lives and we committed to bringing the best of our trainings to people worldwide. We figured out that an online membership site was the way to go with our own business, and Mike started attending a lot of online marketing conferences and meeting people who were setting up membership sites and products online.

Now based on the beautiful and sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, we assist others with their own unique relationship challenges through face-to-face consultations and this online membership site

At we help you fix your troubled marriage. We teach you and your partner how to manage your stress, anger or anxiety, infidelity, marriage relationship, family conflict, communication problems, grief and loss, depression, lowered self-esteem, separation or divorce, trauma, critical incident, and adult ADD partner. We empower you to create your blueprint to regain control in your life – so that you can live the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted.

We also mentor leaders in the workplace in changing one behavior that will result in a positive impact on their own life and the lives of others who are affected by their behavior. These strategies will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Karen & Dr. Mike Gosling’s Areas of Expertise:

–  The only marriage counsellor in the world to promise you a happy passionate marriage, keep the family together, and learn emotional skills you can use for life… Or we’ll work with you until you do.
–  Coaching couples experiencing marital and relationship issues, trauma, communication difficulties, and Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) using internet technologies, weekly Zoom meetings and Facebook group to answer all your questions.
–  Helping highly sensitive people (HSPs) understand and manage their emotional style.
–  Promoting the emotional well-being of people suffering stress/anxiety/depression by education and providing strategies to correct negative thinking.
–  Providing top-level executive coaching and training to raise 1 million emotionally intelligent leaders by 2025 through The Emotional Leader System.
–  Delivering keynote speeches to relevant agencies and conferences on crises, relationship issues, surviving life dramas, raising emotional wellness and applying emotional intelligence.
–  Building a network of medical and allied health professionals and resources to ensure clients receive a quality service and the best outcome for their issues.

Our hope is for you to live a more meaningful life. Our Marriagology Membership Site is an exclusive suite of brain healthy resources, and it’s making a positive, measurable, long-term difference in the lives of thousands of clients who live all around the world.

We’ve consulted on employee assistance program strategy for major corporations, been invited speakers at events, and reached thousands of interesting people from multiple nationalities around the world with our work.

We’ve spoken on stages in Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Fiji.

But our proudest success is in leading an online community of people seeking better relationships and providing them with resources, relationships and valuable training materials to help them work smarter and live larger.

These resources only exist because we want to help people like you reach your vision of success — but we hope you reach this point in YOUR timeline more quickly with the addition of all the tips, tricks, plans and strategies we share here.

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” – Viktor E. Frankl

As you can see, we have learned and achieved a lot together. Our sincere hope is that we can inspire you and teach you some of the techniques we’ve used to become successful (and well-balanced) in our own marriage and taught others to fix their troubled marriage.

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You’ll get access to the exclusive systems and strategies that we’ve researched and developed for our own marriage, packaged to be easy to implement to have a happy passionate marriage, keep the family together, and learn emotional skills you can use for life.

Building a successful marriage is an art form. You need a willingness to participate and both the skills and the right tools.

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